Tuesday, November 30, 2010

change coLL

A lot of reason…
But I dunno how to explain it clearly. I just feel wanna change coll.
This coll make me no confidence,disappointed and I felt no mood, no any reasonable reason to continue study here.
I hope can change coll or I will stop continue study and straight head go to find a job.
( My friend, Jeckquline was not willing to see me stop study.)
She teach me a lot. I'm thankful to her but I really unwilling to continue study at this coll.
The reason maybe you all can know from my friend, Cyndi's blog. I’m lazy to explain it but my friends already explain it all.haha…
Beside this, I can help her to promote her blog too :p

Just click the link for her blog.

Cyndi's Blog  ^^

PS: Thanks to my hubby. He always supports me and give me confidence^^
After the meeting, I straight head give him a call. Then he just said will support me no matter what will happen. No matter that I wanna change coll or I wan stop study, he will just accompany me and give me confidence

^^ Stay tuned ^^

Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Day of my 3rd Sem

Today was the first day of my 3rd sem. We have Malaysian Studies class.

That was so exaggerating. Know why?
Full ~~~
Yea. I think got over 200 students. I’m trying to help my friends to reserve the seat but I not dare. Twos and threes students have been keep on walked into the class. They don't have seat and forced to take chair from other classes. I felt that they are so pity...

Even today all the students were attended the class and the class is full but I can guarantee the next class won’t be full like today. They sure will skip the class, maybe include me  :D
But I know I will seldom skip the class except the week I go a trip to Taiwan with my family after my bro’s SPM ^^

The class was so boring. 3 hours face the same lecturer and I can’t concentrate while having the class because of their noisy. Our lecturer voice is so low. I can’t hear her voice even I sit the third row  ==

Tomorrow will have Pendidikan Moral at the same class. I sure will go early because I worry there have not enough seat like today ==
I have to wake up early  ]=

Okay,that’s all for today’s post. I felt I’m getting lazy day to day since after the sem break. Even lazy to write my blog too   TT

Meanwhile, its time for me to stare on my hubby through cam.
I love to look at his blurry face (cam blurred actually).....ngehehe [=
so, babai ~

^^ Stay Tuned ^^

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Coming 3rd Sem

Today was FRIDAY ^^
Yea. I should believe that my sem break coming to the end.
Feel like done nothing in this week. There was only 1 week for my sem break  TT
Not enough lar wey ~

Okay. Today went back to college to pay fee and do subjects selection.
but........both I didn't done it today. So, why I go for?   @@
Yea. Cause I have to fill the RETAKE form and give head of department to sign it.
We discuss about our time for the retake. (with Jeckquline)
At the end, we decide to pay the fee and the form on next week.

After that, we went to have our lunch.
Yes, correct...it's PANMEE again ^^
Almost 1 week I didn't have it since after my final :p
We go there by toke our own car because after eat, we straight head went home.

Kay...finish this topic.

I gonna tell you all that my holiday just pass it roughly.
I'm wasting my holiday  ) :
Done nothing but I watch the HK movie everyday. That movie name's 读心神探
I tried to learn CANTONESE  ( :
and I learn to sing cantonese's songs too. 
lalala...... That day i sang it to my hubby   [=
but he seem like so bored because I keep on continue the chorus part :p
Kay,fine...so,i just stoped it ~.~


Next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I gonna start my 3rd sem
LOL ^^
I arrange my time that my class only Wednesday till Friday.
and I was planning to get a job since I only have to attend 3 days class. The others 4 days was free and I know that I will be sleep like pig if I don't have any plan to do anything so.

but...what job that suit me? what I can do? 
I felt like so lazy...cause already like a slacker during this week   : @

I'm so LAZY~


Sharing some of my lovely Family's pic ^^


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey, Dude ^^

Hurmm.....I miss my bestie ^^
wanna hang out with them tonight. yumcha yumcha :p
33,Hann Hann, miss eeu so much [=
Chris, Gary, Mirror, Hooi and who else?
can eeu all come out today?
we nid gather okay?

damn miss eeu all lar wey ~

2009 Rachel's Birthday ( :

2008 Genting Trip

2007 Dude :p

My chubby face never change till now t.t 
And I really miss our time that we study hard + play hard together
We are the craziest among others classmate. Hohoo :D

Peace ( :


Today is just the second day of my sem break.
What's a horrible holiday ><

This week will make me insane i think ==

Doing nothing at home.
Like a PIG. sleep and eat alot ,then merayau kat Fb, blogging walaupun takde ape nak tulis...
and she keep on nagging me.
Can you stop it, please?

I'm damn fire now,okay?


Just know that the next sem schedule already came out.
Bastard!! Sucks time management !!!!!!!!!
There was only 3 subject for next sem and they make it one day only one subject. WTH? !
Stupid!!!!!! They think that we all live hostel or what? or they think that the petrol price declined?
and why make it till 6pm? Damn it!!!

Their idiot action make me really can't control my anger now!  Their time management really so poor
The retake time didn't inform us too. And about the exemption of the subject Bahasa Kebangsaan, they also didn't let us know whether approve or not. So, how we do the confirmation of subjects selection?

Okay fine. Whatever la. Don't want think it any more.
I need to cold down myself now.

Sunday, November 21, 2010






我的 final 考完了。我不知道。连几时温过书,我都不懂





我,李美廷死了 !!


PS : Farina,sorry yea. This post in mandarin also.This just my feeling...what my thought and I just ease it out~

< 结 >

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Refrain Pimples

I think many of my friends was suffering with this problem,right?
Yea.Cause you all was stress in Final : p

Today I saw a note from Facebook that teach us how to prevent pimples and acnes.
So, let me share the reason where you have pimples and the way to ameliorate it.

1. 额头长痘

2. 双眉间长痘

3. 鼻头长痘

4. 鼻翼长痘

5. 右边脸颊长痘

6. 左边脸颊长痘




And these 15 behavior to avoid pimples. 

1. 每天八杯水。清早没有 进食前一定要喝一大杯水,可以清肠胃。【相信很多美眉们是知道的,问题是做不做得到】
2. 每天一便。坚持养好良好习惯,排毒,必要时可吃香蕉调理一下。
3. 切忌熬夜。熬夜是美肌的最大天敌。
4. 洗面的时候,要彻底洗净,不要有残留的化妆品
5. 少玩电脑,手机不可以开机放床头,有辐射,对皮肤影响厉害。
6. 不可以用手挤痘痘,任其自己脱落,这样不易留痕。
7. 床套,枕头巾要定期清洗,否则会有很多螨虫滋生,睡觉的时候很易感染。
8. 最好在十一点前睡觉。 睡前不要吃宵夜。
9. 上火的东西尽量少吃。
10. 护肤品不要乱用,最好用一系列的产品,要了解自己是属于什么样的肤质。
11. 珍珠粉沟蜂蜜做面膜,可以去痘去印。
12. 白砂糖洗面:可以去印,而且面部会比以前更光滑,洗完脸后用砂糖洗洗,效果好好。
13. 用维生素E涂痘印,坚持涂痘,印子会逐渐变淡。
14. 多喝些花茶,可以美容皮肤。
15. 有痘的人睡觉一定要把流海给夹起来。这样不易造成前额生疮,也不会令生疮.去除痤疮   疤痕把姜切片,临睡前用手指压 在疤痕处15分钟,第二天早上再洗掉,连续一周,你会发现这个方法对付痤疮疤痕非常有效。

You can also read the notes through this link:

Hope the tips I share here can help all of you. 
And I hope all you you can take care yourself and don't too stress in Final.
We all can already have enough relax after this Sunday's last paper.
Gambateh to all my coursemate. Try your best in MARK 101F ^^

Wish you all good luck ( :

Friday, November 19, 2010


老大说:做老大的女人很辛苦的哦, 随时会有危险

我说   :没关系,有老大在,我大可放心 ^^

This is my Msn conversation with my LaoDa   : p

That LaoDa should feel pleased ,right?
hmmm....LOVE my LaoDa forever ^^


Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Specially Friend, Yuu.

Dear Friend,


I think there should be a few months you leaving Malaysia.
How was yor life at Germany?
I miss you a lot.
Miss the day we sms and sharing our past story.
Can't deny that you are the one of my best friends since that you always consult me when I'm down.
You even teach me the way to treat my guy and caring him.
You call me to understanding each other between me and my guy.
Now I'm happiness that I together with him almost 7 months.

That time you came back Malaysia again to settle something
and you sms me but I'm sorry that I don't have the time to chat with you more that time because I'm busy for my mid-term test. Forgive me please...

Today I'm surprised that saw you on Msn   : p
Everyday I online to wait my guy but never saw you on.
I thought you have busy life there and maybe we have time difference so that no chance to chat with you.
Even you already online, but you still need to busy with your things. I'm not willing to bother you at all.
So, chat next time yea ( :

I'm glad that to know you and you being my friends.
Thanks,Yuuki ^^ 

PS: That picture really like a Korean actor, doesn't it?   : D