Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daddy 2010 Birthday

Last night was my daddy's birthday.
He went work as usual while we preparing at home.
We had invited aunt's family to celebrate with him.

We bought 2 cake for him.
orange and chocolate cheese cake :p
The chocolate cheese is my choice with cousin, RueyShan
while the orange is mom and aunt's choice

My beloved dad ^^

chocolate cheese 

and this is orange favour

we bought a shirt
(dad like sharp colour :p)
6 pairs of socks for dad

and this if from me
the belt

dad giving wishes

didn't forget to take a pic before blow candle
hahha : D

 having the cake

family portrait 
taken by cousin, Junchuan
thx (:

Furthermore, can view others pic from my Facebook ( :
I had just upload all photos there
Daddy BigDay 2010 (album) 

Wish my dad will be in health always and live in happy everyday...

Happy Birthday to You


I Love you,dad 

PS: Thanks everyone who attended our party and thanks aunt who prepared the mee and drinks for us. Thanks to my helpful cousin, RueyShan ( :

~ TBC ~

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