Thursday, December 23, 2010

Browny Hair

LoL~ LoL~ LoL...
I had just dyed my hair. This was my first time I dyed my hair, it’s browny in colour.
So how? Nice or not? Can give me some comment? 
Does it suit me?

Everyone said that was nice but I’m not feel so like it because I felt that colour too shinny  :p
Maybe I still can’t accept the colour … I prefer dark brown but now this she introduce me is blonde colour. Feel that will look more mature after dyed hair. So, I hope won’t got people say that I’m secondary student again laa. 
ahahaha :D

Finally, I had dyed my hair and now I’m just need to wait it growth
Then I can curl my hair and tie it with many fashion dy ^^

 PS: Imma kinda lazy nowadays...sorry~
Next Tuesday I'm going to Taiwan with my family. So, my next post maybe will after back from Taiwan. Take care everyone :p
Keep in touch yea ( :

Merry Christmas

[ Stay Tuned ]

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